Member Advocate Program

The Member Advocate Program is available to members who are covered under Cal-MediConnect and Medi-Cal SPD (Seniors and Persons with Disabilities).


The Member Advocate Program provides non-clinical support and services for Medi-Cal and Cal MediConnect members who need extra assistance with their healthcare. Member Advocates are non-clinical members of the care team who will work with members that have recently been hospitalized or at risk for hospitalization. Member Advocates work with doctors, nurse case managers, pharmacists, and other healthcare team members who are involved in our members’ care.

Through their visits with members, our Member Advocates help to make sure that our members have everything they need to recover after returning home from the hospital. Members who are receiving c

Member Benefits

Our dedicated Member Advocates are committed to getting you back to your life and enjoying the things you love the most.

This program helps you access the resources that will make all the difference in the world:

  • Community-Based Adult Services
  • Primary Care
  • Specialty Care
  • Pharmacy
  • Transportation
  • Case Management
  • Referrals
  • Social Services
  • Behavioral Health
  • In-Home Support Services
  • Medical Equipment
  • Short and Long-Term Care

What We Do

Your Member Advocate will visit you in the hospital and soon after you return home. Here’s what you can expect.

Hospital Visit

During your hospital stay, the Member Advocate will:

  • Explain all of the ways they can help you
  • Make sure we have your correct contact information
  • Schedule a time to visit you in your home after you are discharged from the hospital 

Home Visit

To provide you with continued support when you are home, he or she will:

  • Review hospital discharge instructions with you 
  • Connect you with your nurse case manager, who can answer your health-related questions and provide support
  • Connect you with a pharmacist, who will review your medications and make sure you are taking them correctly
  • Make doctor appointments for you
  • Arrange transportation to and from your upcoming appointments
  • Help you obtain any other health services you may need

Your Member Advocate is part of an entire team of healthcare professionals working with you. Your team also includes your nurse case manager, pharmacist, and primary care physician, and others. 

What Our Members Say

Read what other
members are saying.

“I’m very happy with the Member Advocate Program. Having the peace of mind by being able to reach my Member Advocate at any moment was very important to me. I wish I would have known about the program sooner. My father’s quality of life has definitely improved – not just with his appearance, but also because his blood pressure and glucose have stabilized. I believe Regal has over-delivered on their promise and we are truly grateful.” -The son of Abel Becerra, member

“I would like to thank everyone from this program because of the difference they have made in my life. My Member Advocate did not leave anything out with respect to my care. The program definitely exceeded my expectations. I’m glad I discovered this program, because I didn’t realize anything like this existed. The fact that they call me to check how I’m doing and if I need anything is something I will always appreciate.” -Mary Hays, member



Jorge and Amada's Story

In July, 2012, Jorge was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and required to undergo triple bypass surgery. Later, his doctors discovered that a second surgery was inevitable. The struggles he and his wife, Amada, faced as he recovered were overwhelming. When it seemed that all hope was lost, they met Member Advocate Grace. Grace immediately connected Jorge to helpful programs and services and introduced him to his nurse case manager, Maricela. Together, they made all of his doctor’s appointments, coordinated his medication plan with the pharmacist, organized home health services, and got him a much needed blood pressure monitor. The support Grace provided was instrumental in Jorge’s recovery. 

“Grace’s tenacity and immediate impact saved Jorge’s life. She was amazing. My daughters
and I call her ‘Amazing Grace,’” Amada said.


If you are interested in more information about this program, click here to access our Member Advocate brochure. You can also call us at (844) 734-2563 Monday - Friday, 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. to learn more about the Member Advocate Program.

If you are a provider and would like to learn more, click here.